Ravel - Menuet


Excerpt from Cavendish Winds' live performance of Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin at the Wigmore Hall on 27th June 2017.

Written in 1917 after the death of Ravel's mother and of friends in the First World War, Le tombeau de Couperin is a surprisingly light-hearted work, as Ravel explains himself saying: "The dead are sad enough, in their eternal silence." Based on baroque forms, this piece reflects the elegant and ornamental essence of composers like Couperin reimagined in a 20th century French soundscape.

Ehrlich - By Air

"By Air" was commissioned by the ensemble and premiered at Saint Martin-in-the-Fields on 16th June 2017. Recording from Cavendish Winds' live performance at the Wigmore Hall on 27th June 2017.


“By Air is a piece about space. Musically the piece examines, hovers over, and dives close to landscapes both real and imagined. I was inspired by Dutch Renaissance landscape painter Jacob van Ruisdael, who paints on a vast scale that seems to juxtapose humanity’s control of nature with the overwhelming scale of open places. One can hear By Air as an exploration of a landscape – each movement getting closer to a single idea, gesture, or point on the horizon.” (D.E)

Françaix - Presto


Excerpt from the second movement of Françaix's cheeky Quintet No.1, written in 1948. Maurice Ravel said of the young Françaix to the boy's parents, "Among the child's gifts I observe above all the most fruitful an artist can possess, that of curiosity" and this quintet, the first of two, perfectly highlights the composer's vibrant lifelong curiosity.